Annual Report

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Charity name: HealthWORKS Newcastle 
Charity registration number: 1040370
Company registration number: 02952583

How our activities deliver public benefit

  • Recognising the wider social determinants of health
  • Building on the capacity of individuals to identify and act on issues that impact on their own, and others, health and wellbeing
  • Making sure that people get the services they need

We recognise that individuals all have differing starting points and goals, and that they need realistic options to enable them to achieve positive change in their lives.

We strive to provide a choice of activities and/or support, linking people into groups and resources in their local community to embed the changes and promote sustainability.

We work with families and individuals, across the life course, linking in to as many other agencies as possible to make best use of what is already available and avoiding duplication.

The wider social determinants of health may be beyond our direct sphere of influence but we signpost to relevant agencies to deal with debt, housing, employment, relationship counselling etc.

Our focus is on supporting people to develop personal and community resilience and improve their health literacy; releasing them to direct their own lives. The biggest asset we have is on our doorstep; the people we work with can and do manage very complicated lives and we strive to support them around health and wellbeing to aid this process wherever possible.


A health map for the local human habitat

Determinants of health and wellbeing image


Barton, H. and Grant, M., (2006)

This health map has been designed as a dynamic tool that provides a basis for dialogue and engenders a new way of collaborative working across multiple sectors.

HealthWORKS employs this model to help shape our thinking around planning, doing and then reviewing; altering what we do if it doesn’t achieve the planned outcomes


Information Governance Assurance

HealthWORKS have achieved compliance with the HSCIC’s annual Information Governance assessment (clinical level) for 2017/18


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