Friends of Lemington


History of our volunteers

Once upon a Tyne there was a little porta-cabin hidden away on a back road deep in the heart of the village of Lemington. This porta-cabin housed a busy Community Association which, for years, saw the youngsters of the area pass through and then return as adults to attend classes and gatherings and then in turn introduce their own children. This Community Association had a dream. They dreamt of a grand new building with room for everyone, young and old, with ranks of computers and a gym, a sports hall and a play group and, gem of gems, a café, where all could meet and chat.


The Centre opened in 2005 and John Dawson and Liz Beck have been the driving force behind the Lemington Centre and through their hard work and determination they have made the centre what it is today. John and Liz both received an MBE for their voluntary contributions and dedication to the community and are still very much involved in the Centre. Friends of Lemington run the fantastic café facilities where people come from far and wide to savour the renowned scones or have a light lunch and plenty of cups of tea. They have also provided the centre with a fantastic outdoor space when if the weather is fine you can wipe away an afternoon looking at the beautiful garden while the children can play pirates on our version of the Black pearl.


The Lemington Centre is still supported by those original volunteers who had this ambition for Lemington. The Centre has become so successful there has been plenty of new opportunities for some of the volunteers to become employed at the Centre along with many more paid staff. They still retain that passion to provide for all ages and manage to cater for babies, school kids, young couples, mums and dads, retired folk and the very senior citizens from the Care Homes up the road.


The Lemington Centre is now part of HealthWORKS Newcastle, slap bang on the front of Tyne View for all to see. The extras include a suite to house the local Health Care Team and a gym for the local community to enjoy.


Registered charity number: 1144947




John Dawson MBE – Treasurer / Brian Dickinson / Barbara Dodds

Gordon Palmer / Hazel Rutherford / Michael Proud / Heather Marshall