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Change4Life Mini Champs in West Newcastle

Healthier Me Programme for Mini Champions in Schools



To engage primary school children in the Change4Life Champion programme.



To engage children on their school Council in becoming Mini Champions to support their peers in making informed and positive lifestyle changes built around the key Change4Life messages.


We propose to

  • Work in a number of primary schools in the West Newcastle C4L programme.
  • Working with school councils over 1 school year.
  • Generate opportunities for school council children to cascade learning to their peers.
  • To hold 2 assemblies during the programme, for the whole school and parents, to give out the national/local C4L programmes information.
  • Each school council member will build up their own Healthy Me portfolio.


Programme detail

We have consulted with 3 local schools to draw up a possible programme and they have all expressed very positive feedback and said they would welcome the opportunity to trial this in their schools.

The Mini Champion training programme will be carried out over 1school term every 2 weeks. The children will have a task to complete in between each session.

We propose to deliver five sessions

  • 2 healthy eating sessions around the eat well plate and practical cooking.
  • 2 physical activities sessions focussed around maximising use of the school yard to increase levels of physical activity during playtime/ lunch time.
  • 1 Healthy Me session comprising awareness raising around the C4L key messages and positive mental health and wellbeing.

We will then offer support which will take the shape of 1 session every half term to ensure on going information and help for them to develop their ideas.

The added value of this format would be that the school councils engage children from all year groups. They do not pick out only the most able children but spread the opportunities to children who normally might not shine in the classroom.

Schools were pleased that we were not proposing yet another after school program as they felt this would access only a limited group of children who tend to be at most after school activities. Some children in our area are committed to extra learning straight from school (i.e. Muslim children).

One of the schools has come up with the idea that when Mini Champions finish their ‘term of office’ on the school council, they progress to become Mini Champion mentors. This would give them the chance to continue their link with the C4L agenda and to support the new council members, so making the programme more sustainable in the longer term.

We will engage the 14 schools in the West Newcastle C4L are with the aim of getting them all signed up to this programme.

We will supply each school a small quantity of equipment for use in practical cooking sessions (eg: bowls, chopping boards, measuring spoons). This equipment will remain in the schools for use by the Mini Champions within their year group.

Each school will agree to provide staff support to facilitate delivery of the sessions and ensure learning is cascaded to all year groups.


Cost & timescales

HealthWORKS Newcastle are funding and running initial pilot work which will take place at Wingrove Primary School on 24 Apr, 8 May, 22 May, 12 Jun, with the C4L promotional assembly on 22 Jun. Feedback from this pilot work will be evaluated and form the basis of the finalised main programme.

The main programme will run over the 2012/13 academic year. The total budget is £10,000.

Mini Champs Wingrove

Change4Life Mini Champs in West Newcastle story so far

  • The pilot is on-going at Wingrove Primary school – started 24th April 2012
  • The school council is made up of 18 children from every year group
  • They suggested six different names to chosen from – 14 out of the 18 voted for Mini Champs
  • The sessions are running according to plan with very positive feed back. A report will be available in July 2012

Schools that have signed up to have the programme in September:

  1. Wingrove
  2. Our Lady & St Ann’s
  3. Hawthorn
  4. St John’s
  5. Westgate
  6. Moorside
  7. Atkinson Road
  8. St Bede’s
  9. Broadwood
  10. St. Michael’s
  11. Bridgewater
  12. St Paul’s
  13. Cannon Street

Please note: St Joseph‘s School have indicated that they do not want to engage with this programme at this time.


Please note this project has ended and is for information only