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Everyone has choices but taking responsibility to make good choices can be harder for some than for others – we can help!

Living Well, Taking Control


Would you like help to prevent or manage type 2 diabetes?

Is type 2 diabetes hard to understand?

Is the information about it confusing?

HealthWORKS has a new free programme for everyone keen to deal with type 2 diabetes.


Living Well, Taking Control aims to:

  • Help people with type 2 diabetes improve their lives and manage the condition
  • Reduce longer term complications linked to diabetes
  • Help prevent the onset of diabetes in people at high risk

Living Well, Taking Control matches you up with a trained health buddy who understands type 2 diabetes and the difficulties linked to the condition.

Your health buddy will arrange one-to-one sessions where you discuss your health and how to improve it.

You can meet your buddy face-to-face, or chat on the phone, or contact them through text and email – whatever suits you best.

Your buddy will also let you know about other local activities and services you can enjoy.

Plus, 6 free group sessions providing useful tips on eating well, feeling good, stress and relaxation, reaching and maintaining the right weight.

A member of your family, a friend or a carer can come along to each session with you.

This programme is available until April 2015.


Living Well, Taking Control is for East, West and North Newcastle.


For other useful information and resources about diabetes please visit Diabetes UK website


Recent awareness raising event at Hindu Temple Sunday 16 March 2014


Please note this project has ended and is for information only