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Community First Panel

Community First (Elswick) Health and Wellbeing panel

Healthworks has a long history of supporting local community development projects.

When asked to be the Voluntary and Community  Sector (VCS) Panel Partner for a new government initiative back in 2012 we agreed.



Despite the Cabinet office funded project ending in March 2015, the core group of  8 local residents decided that they wanted to continue to meet and work on ideas they felt could help improve the health and wellbeing where they lived or worked.

Following on from a unique community health simulation, they produced a Charter for Health and Wellbeing.  This was the first time the community had taken part in such an event and having produced a document they wished to follow up some of the ideas and issues arising from it. This also helped shape the direction for any future work.

Charter group jpg

As a result of the charter, Elswick ward Health and Wellbeing budget was devolved down to the group  during April 2015- March 2016 where they were entrusted to issue this to community groups across the ward as small grants. They had a celebration event in March 2016 bringing all of the groups funded together to network and give them a chance to say how they had benefited from the project.


DSCF1151 DSCF1206patchwork

At the end of this project the group continue to work on issues from the charter and keep local residents informed by updating their own website and  share useful community information via Community First Elswick and Elswick Ward  Facebook pages.

The group are looking to involve more local residents in their activities July 2016-March 2017 thanks to a small grant received by  the Fogo Fund via Community Foundation Tyne and Wear

You can read more about Community First here on their dedicated website