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Everyone has choices but taking responsibility to make good choices can be harder for some than for others – we can help!

Hearty Lives Newcastle


Keith, 53, from Dumpling Hall, and Joan, 62 from Jarrow, are just two people who are already reaping the benefits from lifestyle changes learned at Hearty Lives Newcastle.

Keith said:  “It’s very helpful and thorough with good trainer support. I’ve given up smoking and cut down on alcohol consumption and I’ve even joined a gym. I’m much more relaxed and able to cope with things.”

Joan said: “It is amazing and has changed my life. The trainers have been marvellous. I’m aiming to continue with my dancing, which I gave up when I became ill. You have to listen to your body and do what you think is right. Don’t give up.”


Newcastle was chosen to receive funding due to the high rates of heart disease in the city. Over 100,000 people in the North East currently live with coronary heart disease, one in five Newcastle adults are classed as obese and one in three are classed as smokers. These factors, alongside the city having the 37th highest UK deprivation ranking, have created a life expectancy gap of over 12 years between some wards.

The overall objective is to improve the level of support for people with or at risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), who live in areas with serious levels of social-economic problems, impacting on health and well-being.

The project provides a dedicated Community Health Trainer to help people who are at risk, or living with, heart disease. The Health Trainer helps patients attending the Lipid clinic at Newcastle’s Royal Victoria infirmary improve their lifestyles, by providing advice and practical support around smoking, stress, diet, alcohol, physical activity and obesity.

The value of embedding a Health Trainer into secondary care environments such as clinics is that the support is not just within the clinic setting, but often clients are made aware of activities and services in their own local community. Newcastle residents are offered Health Trainer support for up to a year and anyone not living in Newcastle is signposted to Health Trainers for their area.

To find out more visit the British Heart Foundation’s website


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Please note this project has ended and is for information only