Useful Links


Here are some of our favourite links useful for breastfeeding mums:

Gives information about the baby friendly initiative. Has lots of useful leaflets such as building a happy baby and caring for our baby at night.

Gives researched evidence about biologically normal sleep for human babies. Resources about safe sleep and co-sleeping.

Provides information leaflets and mother to mother support via a help line, social media and online help forms.

Useful articles about breastfeeding, positions and attachment, responsive formula feeding and issues and solutions.

Gives in-depth information on medications while breastfeeding

Promotes their baby buddy app, gives information on maternal mental health and premature babies.

Allows you to create a birth plan. Give you information about keeping well in pregnancy, labour, birth and feeding.

Find highly reviewed, suitable breastfeeding locations so you will always know the most breastfeeding friendly places in town.

Information on pregnancy, getting breastfeeding of to a good start, the values of skin contact and hand expressing.


Useful breastfeeding leaflets: