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Claire Wright, more about her

I’ve a background in science and have completed a forensic science course at university and I’ve spent time working in retail for several well known brands.

After giving birth to my son, I became involved in our breastfeeding support groups, attending several different groups and becoming a regular attendee to two of these groups.

Claire Wright

I’ve gained support and confidence in breastfeeding from the other mums and peer support volunteers that Imet at the groups and I’ve been breastfeeding my son for 16 months with no immediate desire to stop just yet.

I soon wanted to train as a peer supporter to have the opportunity to support other mums to establish a good breastfeeding relationship in the same way that I’d been supported. So when the position of Breastfeeding Peer Support Coordinator became available I applied for the job.

After joining the team, I received training in ‘Infant Feeding’ at the RVI, and since then I’ve also completed some training in emergency first aid at work, safe guarding and equality and diversity.

I’m now happy inmy role providing group coordination and volunteer support as well as one to one support to breastfeeding mums.

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