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Jo Jackson, more about her

I’ve been part of the Breastfeeding Peer Support team since August 2011 after leaving a successful career in sales management in 2010 to become a mum.

At 33 weeks pregnant I unexpectedly gave birth to my son 7 weeks premature. I had to leave my baby for 3 weeks whilst he stayed in the special care baby unit at the RVI. During the time I was apart from my newborn son, I used a breast pump to provide breast milk which was given to him through a tube in his nose.

Jo Jackson

I came to work for Newcastle breastfeeding support whilst still breastfeeding and continued to breastfeed my son until he was 22 months old.
I have recently returned from maternity leave after giving birth to my daughter who was born full term. I am enjoying being back at work and am continuing to breastfeed my daughter who is now one.
I’ve a great passion and enthusiasm for supporting mums to breastfeed. For me, my experience was so life changing that I really wanted to make a difference to those women who were struggling to overcome their own breastfeeding obstacles.
The Special care baby unit at the RVI is another of my passions and I’m a volunteer for the buddy group, supporting parents of premature babies.
Since becoming a breastfeeding peer support coordinator I’ve gained knowledge and experience of supporting mums with Multiples and have supported lots of women with lots of different breastfeeding problems.
I’ve attended the UNICEF 3 day breastfeeding management training and breastfeeding training at the RVI.
I’ve also enjoyed furthering my development, becoming a trained first aider including pediatric first aid, training in domestic violence and safeguarding children. I’ve also attended numerous conferences such as Sleep infancy and mothering conference, Neonatal network conference and BIBS breastfeeding conference.


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