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Sian D’Ellard, more about her


I first became interested in the way women choose to feed their baby’s whilst training to be a nursery nurse. I then worked in a private day nursery before choosing to leave to join a telecommunications company. I then fell pregnant and after the birth of my son decided to leave that company to spend quality time with him.

When I was pregnant I decided I’d wanted to give breastfeeding a go even though I’d heard many unsuccessful stories from people around me. Initially I found breastfeeding tough so when my baby was only 1 week old I attended my local breastfeeding support group with my friend – a peer support volunteer, which I found very useful.

I received many tips and pointers from the peer support volunteers that meant breastfeeding became enjoyable and made me more confident. I became a regular attendee of my local breastfeeding support group and had my name on the list for training to become a Breastfeeding peer support volunteer so I could help other mum’s just like I had been; so when the position of Breastfeeding Peer Support Coordinator became available I applied for the job.
I carried on breastfeeding when I started working for HealthWorks and continued to breastfeed my son to 19 months where he naturally weaned.

Since starting I’ve completed Infant feeding training at the RVI and also completed training in safe guarding, equality and diversity and emergency first aid at work. I am looking forward to completing the UNICEF breastfeeding management training later this year.

Sian D'Ellard

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