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Breastfeeding Mams Campaign Launch

Breastfeeding mams


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Facebook – Breastfeeding Mams Newcastle


Breastfeeding Mams Facebook page was launched yesterday 21 May at the Laing Art Gallery as part of a citywide campaign to encourage young mams to breastfeed.

The page provides breastfeeding support and information to breastfeeding mams in Newcastle and is run by Newcastle Breastfeeding Peer Support Team.

On the page you’ll find useful information, support, discussion, signposting to other services and video links

You can view the page even if you don’t have a Facebook account by clicking

Breastfeeding Video

Informative videos are available to watch in our YouTube channel and two breastfeeding campaign videos are highlighted below.

April’s Story

Click here to watch the video

April and Stephen’s Story– young parents, give their own experiences of breastfeeding and highlight the benefits too.

Click here to watch the video


Please take a look at the Breastfeeding Mams Facebook page, like us if you have an account and share the content to help us spread the word about this new resource