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Staying Steady feedback


We’ve received some great feedback about our Staying Steady classes. Hearing that our work has a positive impact on people’s lives is the biggest incentive for us to keep doing what we’re doing. Read what one happy client has to say about it:

“…it is a compliment about our instructor and the Staying Steady course. I attend on Thursday afternoons at East End Pool. Our instructor is Vivienne Thompson. At some point in the session, Vivienne demonstrates what to do after a slip, trip or fall, and she does her own running commentary and asks us questions. I have found this very useful. I had a trip at home at the end of last week and fell on the slate hearth. After checking for injuries I knew how to turn onto my knees and use furniture to get back on my feet. It went so well, I couldn’t believe it! I have had numerous trips in the past, and it is great to have been given the tools to get up from the floor safely and efficiently. Many thanks.”


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