About Us

Welcome to Healthworks



We are a community health charity based in Newcastle that helps local communities improve their health and wellbeing. Formed in 1995, 2020 will see the 25th anniversary of Healthworks which began life in the west end of Newcastle and has since grown to deliver services across the region. Healthworks supports people of all ages to lead a healthier life; from being more active, to eating healthily, giving up smoking, managing diabetes, improving mobility and managing existing medical conditions.

This short video illustrates the range of the services we offer.

Our objects are to preserve, protect and improve the health and life outcomes of communities across the North East region of England.

We achieve this by:

  • providing information about health, health improvement and health rights;
  • providing resources for local communities in order to improve understanding of health issues and to have access to information and enable them to make the best health choices for themselves;
  • offering a range of preventative approaches with an emphasis on collaboration between different agencies and professional groups;
  • promoting the health benefits of exercise, healthy eating and life style changes;
  • providing health training opportunities for organisations and the community;
  • providing services aimed at reducing inequalities in health

Most of our work is in areas recognised as being largely disadvantaged where quality of life is reduced either by ill health or disability. These health inequalities are caused by low income, unemployment, lack of opportunity and lower education, poor housing and child poverty.

The cost of this inequality is substantial, both in years of life lost and costs to the economy. These factors result in greater dependence on health, social care and other services. Our Patron, Professor Marmot, and others including GPs and community leaders have expressed significant concern about poverty and social inequality, and the negative effect this can have on physical health, mental health, and life expectancy and on a population often described as hard-to-reach and excluded.

We offer a range of services including: