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Katy Assi- more about her

Katy Assi

I started volunteering for the Breastfeeding Peer Support team in 2013 when my eldest child was 10 months old. I thankfully hadn’t had any major issues with breastfeeding, but as with most mums I really appreciated the support and encouragement when things did become tricky, which I found in the form of my local breastfeeding social group. It was fantastic to be able to volunteer at the same group which I’d attended myself as a mum, and now to run it myself as a Peer Support Coordinator.

I’ve been working with the team as a coordinator since August 2016 and I’m really enjoying being able to support new mums in the same way I was supported.

I think that peer support is hugely important in our society, especially with regards to breastfeeding. For some reason even in 2016 breastfeeding is still seen as taboo by certain people, and often they don’t want to talk about it publicly for fear of being accused of pressuring mums to breastfeed or making people feel uncomfortable.

We need to talk about breastfeeding more, to make it normal again and not something that needs to be hidden away, but something that should just be an accepted part of having a baby.

Helping mums achieve their breastfeeding goals is such an empowering experience, for both parties, and one that I’m immensely proud to be a part of.