Sarah Cowling CEO

Everyone has choices but taking responsibility to make good choices can be harder for some than for others – we can help!

Learning and Development Case Studies

Gateshead Housing Company: Promoting Mental Health in the Workplace

Gateshead Housing Company commissioned HealthWORKS Newcastle to deliver a programme of training sessions to promote positive mental health through all levels of their organisation. This included:

  • 11 x 1 hour ‘Wellbeing Tasters’ to 200 staff in every Housing Office in Gateshead
  • 7 x 3 hour ‘Wellbeing: Bucket Management’ sessions to 61 members of staff
  • 4 x 1 day ‘Mental Health Awareness for Managers’

We are now training 15 employees as ‘Health Advocates’ to promote health in their offices through organising events and supporting colleagues to improve their health. The advocates are being trained in:

  • Royal Society for Public Health ‘Understanding Health Improvement’ (level 2)
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Suicide Awareness
  • Wellbeing: Bucket Management

The training has been excellent. It has achieved much more than we had hoped for.” (Gateshead Housing Company: Human Resource Manager)

Virgin Money- Mental Health First Aid course feedback

Many thanks for your time over the 2 days you spent with us – talking amongst ourselves this morning, we are all in agreement about how enjoyable it was.

The interaction between the two of you, given the humour it injected, was perfect for the sometimes difficult topics we were discussing. The amount of humour was also at the right level I thought – i.e. not too much to diminish the seriousness of what we were learning about but enough to keep us focussed without becoming too embroiled/downhearted in or about the topics.


I also had my eyes opened on a number of subjects – as you put it at the start of the course – ‘I un-learned some things’. For me in particular this was about what Schizophrenia actually is and also some misheld beliefs I had about suicide.


Whilst I feel somewhat apprehensive about actually putting my new knowledge into practise for the first time, I feel that I now the confidence to at least try to help – whereas before I would have been a bit clueless and probably done some of the things on the many ‘Don’t do’ lists we covered.


I thought the course layout was spot on – with session lengths being well timed. At no point was there the feeling of ‘hurry up and finish this bit – I need a break’. The inclusion and interaction (of us participants) was also perfect. I felt totally involved for the entire time. The constantly changing groups you put us into was a good idea – a lot of time on courses with this level of interaction, we are more often than not put into one group and that’s where we will stay.


The personal touch you both brought to the sessions was an enormous help to me – as I could relate the topics to real people. The DVDs also helped massively in this regard.

Are there any follow up/advanced courses? A number of us have expressed an interest in maybe taking this further.

Thank You both again.

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