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Targeting Needs

Awareness of community issues and priorities; having a detailed understanding of the target community; ensuring services are accessible to and focus on people in need

Impact award ceremonyOur remit is to ‘work with communities to reduce health inequalities is areas of high need’. Having a staff team comprised of local people helps our understanding of our target communities and informs the design of our services.

We use the Index of Multiple Deprivation to help inform decisions about targeted delivery and information from NEPHO and the JSNA helps keep us up to-date with local epidemiological data.

As price is one of the most often quoted barriers to good health behaviours, the cost of our activities is kept artificially low to enable those on very low incomes to access our services.

As the areas we serve have higher rates of long term illness and disability than more affluent areas, we have designed our centres to be fully accessible and the equipment in our community gyms is IFI (Inclusive Fitness initiative) accredited, to cater for wheelchair users. We have recently invested in an extremely robust new treadmill to cater for clients with BMI’s over 40.

Working with partner agencies across the city gives us a broader view of community issues and increases our understanding of the differing dynamics at play.